Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is primarily a branch of computer science that deals with making computers or machines as intelligent as a human being.

1923 was the year when robot word was first coined by legendary play maker, Karel. AI are basically based on how human brain works and responds to different stimuli. AI can be very promising in the near future. Well I would love to have a machine working for me ( Bringing me fries when I am hungry or drinks when thirsty ). Think of all cool things you can do with the help of an AI.


Human beings VS AI (

Can a machine do whatever human can do or think?

Well for this we need a lot of resources (especially funds), time and a lot of unsolved problems in this field exist such as lack of ultra fast computers, professional programmers, difference between science and engineering fields and disorganized knowledge.

One of the more serious problem is that what if AI goes against us as shown in many Hollywood movies. Many scientists are also stressed on the fact that AI’s can do more harm than good such as going in wrong hands. Imagine if a terrorist group gets hand on a military grade robot, you can imagine the plight afterwards. AIs can also be used in many ways for doing destruction to humanity.


However we cannot completely overlook the good points of AI and their Application :-

Gaming, Natural Voice Processing, Expert Systems, Vision system such as those in spy aeroplanes or for doctors as clinical expert systems, Speech recognition, Handwriting recognition, Intelligence Robots or Surveillance experts.

So lets sum up this article here.

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