Never go near this PLANT!

Hurley’s three years in the Australian rain forest (with heavy protective clothing and welding gloves) ended in hospitalization, a severe allergic reaction and a medical recommendation to never come in contact with the plant again.

In 1994, Australian ex-serviceman Cyril Bromley described about How he fall onto the tree during Military Training & was strapped to hospital for next three weeks and administered all sorts of treatments that proved unsuccessful.


Source – ( needle like projections from the plant)

He also told about an Officer who shot himself by using leaf of this plant as “Toilet paper”.

Lets not keep the mystery any longer,

This plant is called as – GYMPIE GYMPIE plant.

It is known as a stinging-tree, a suicide plant, a plant that bites back, a moonlighter, stinging-brush, etc. This plant is commonly found in rain forest areas of North Eastern Australia, the Molluscs and the Indonesia.Scientific name of Gympie-Gympie plant is Dendrocnide moroides (releases moroidin toxin). This plant reaches 1-3 meters in height and leaves are 21-22 cm long and 11-18 cm wide as shown in figure below.

Flowers of this plant are bright pink-purple juicy fruit just like mulberry.

Innocent looking  Gympie-Gympie is a deadly plant that spreads its terrorism  because of its heart shaped foliage leaves having hair like hypodermic stinging needles on its surface that contains a powerful neurotoxin called MOROIDIN that causes an excruciating pain.

Pain causes after lightly touching this plant just “like being burned by hot acid and electrocuted at the same time”.


Source , The picture shows hypodermic needle like projection which contain a deadly neurotoxin called MOROIDIN.


After touching or getting stung by leaves of this plant, the hair like needles gets stuck on surface of skin releasing toxin moroidin and causes extreme pain like 9 wonder spiders of world and 25 varied poisonous snakes bites together a single person and that person prefers dying rather than feeling pain, like mass of needles that can’t be seen stung into the skin causing itching and paining continuously, redness-swelling, joints ache, etc.

If you’re lucky enough to survive then its pain doesn’t goes last for several months or years. It can leads to deadly shock and death also.

Don’t Keep this info to yourself, share so that others can know as well.


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