The science of Hand Sanitizer

HAND SANITIZER: Disinfecting liquid

Hand Sanitizer is a viscous (thick) liquid, gel or hand wash which is used for killing microorganisms (that can’t be seen from naked eyes) and make hands contamination (dirt) free.


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Hand Sanitizer are of three types:

-Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer

-Ammonium compounds Based Hand Sanitizer

-Natural Ingredients Based Hand Sanitizer

-Non-Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer


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As we guys reach market places and observed ; ~95% of public buying alcohol based Hand Sanitizer. So today, here we discuss about alcohol based Hand Sanitizers !


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Alcoholic Hand Sanitizer mainly contains fragrance, water, glycerin and a %age of ethanol (depends).We believe that our hands are now completely bacterial free and we are safe from infectious diseases.

Is it so? Really ? Come let’s Discuss the science behind using hand sanitizers !

Hand Sanitizers are mainly effective in killing bacteria’s because bacteria are single celled organisms which have only a fatty lipid cellular wall and genetic material with protein inside (with no protein protective layer) which can easily be destroyed by alcohol. Once alcohol destroy fatty layer and reach inside, its start degrading protein until bacteria die’s.



But, if we discuss about spores, viruses then its YES/NO ! Hand Sanitizers do not function same on some viruses whom do not have similar genetic makeup like bacteria’s.

Hand Sanitizers are useful in wiping-cleaning hands, In laboratries or in killing germs.

Danger of overusing hand sanitizers :

-Toxic Chemicals


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-Weaker Immune System

-Hormone disruption

-Alcohal Poisoning

-Antibiotic Resistance



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So, be aware of using Hand Sanitizers and its dangers!

Thankyou for Reading !

Incknowledge thanks Raveena for this article.

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