Why we have 2 nostrils?

Human nose is a sense organ which can smell uncountable fragrances and odours; act like a “miracle organ gifted by God”. It is an essential organ which we humans need to perform a wide number of functions , either we like it or not. It’s a primary organ which is need just not for our appearance but for smelling, essentially needed for our respiratory system also.


Human nose when smell , the air passes from nausea tract is recognized by the brain cells which identifies the smell and memory cells stores the recognized smell for next counter/ meeting. Nostrils acts as a filter which cleans the air entering inside our body.


Why don’t we have only one nostril instead of two?

How can we breathe each and every second of our life?

Either one nostril works at a time or both?

SURVEY says:

There are at least 14 different nose types found in humans which  was found by Abraham Tamir, a Ph.D. holder and Chemical Engineering professor from Israel. He came to this conclusion after surveying 1793 nose images. The shape of nose depends on the ethnic background of a person.
About 85% of people breathe only through one nostril and remaining 15% are the rare one’s which breathe with both of their nostrils.

In actual, there is a pattern of switching out of breathing from one nostril to another in a cyclical designing with about four hours or between each switching typically. This designing varies from person to person based on their body functioning, positioning and nasal congestion.

More interesting thing is that nostril through which we breathe in daily actions can affect our brain as well as body.


More likely, breathing from right nostril through many years without any rest may participate in causing diabetes by increasing blood glucose levels through abnormal nasal cycles. Breathing from right nostrils consumes more oxygen than left nostrils. While, left nostril has totally opposite functions from right nostril. While breathing from left nostril, the brain hemisphere becomes more active and Dominant, vice-versa for right nostril.

CONGESTED NOSE TIP: During nasal congestion, we forcefully plug our one of the nostril which is blocked for breathing. When we lay down on one side or the other, after 12-15 minutes, the erectile tissue on that side swells up of the nostril and other nostril is begins on relaxation and decrease swelling. So that, if you are lying on left side then your right nostril will open up and shutter down or blocks the left nostril.


Nasal cycle is the reason, that when we sleep on one side at regular intervals becomes our favourite side of sleeping as we feel comfortable on that side. When we change our side after a long interval feels little uncomfortable for us.


o  Different families have different styles of noses as determined by their background styles of sneezing, genetically styles.

o   In women, nose grows until the age of 15 to 17 and for men, it is 17 to 19.

o  Nose droops and lengthens over time because of gravitational pull. This happens because elastin and collagen in nasal tip breaks.

o  When a person  suffers from flu, the nose becomes runny because the nose produces more mucus than regulars to kill microbes entering the body.

o Anything that human nose cannot smell  lethal to humans.

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