4 – Most weird medical practices ever 

I will focus on some medical practices that were common very long time ago that were both weird and disturbing looking from today’s perspective.
1. Mercury – some people believed that the best way to treat syphilis is to ingest mercury. 

Using mercury in this way started way back in 1500 BCE and many thought that it can cure ailments, cure wounds and even prolong life. They also used mercury oilments and pills for that purpose. The side effects of ingesting mercury was damage to your organs, losing your teeth and in the most common scenario – death.

2. Radioactive water – in the early 1900’s people used radioactive water as a form of treatment. 

The diseases usually treated with it were diarrhea, malaria, various mental illnesses and many believed that it can slow down the aging process because the cell activity increased. Nowadays it is a very well known fact that any type of exposure to radium can cause cancer. You could also purchase radioactive suppositories and radioactive toothpaste.
3. Whirling chairs – between the 1850 and 1900’s this was an attempt to cure mental illnesses by strapping the patient to the chair and spinning him around until he loses conciousness.

 It was widely believed that this was the best cure for schizophrenia, bipolar disorders and many other mental illnesses.
4. In Egypt: The cure for pinkeye was the urine of a faithful wife.

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