Unseen pictures – Part III  

Thanks for amazing response to our previous 2 articles ( https://incknowledge.wordpress.com/2016/11/03/unseen-pictures-part-2-science-related-pictures/

Following the same trend, this part features unique pictures of mammals inside their mother’s womb, that will left you awestruck.

1. Fetus of a snake – 

2. Fetus of 2 polar bears – 

3. Fetus of a shark – 

4. Fetus of a leopard – 

5. Fetus of a dolphin – 

6. Fetus of a Chihuahua – 

7. And Finally, Our own fetal form! – 

Photographer took as much as 15 years to click these photographs and process them. 
Incknowledge salute and encourages such people whose indomitable spirit helps upliftment of our society.

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