What happens when you stop taking bath? 

You will live – but you will become one incredibly smelly human being!
Meet the man who hasn’t bathed in more than 60 years:

He’s still alive, well, and kicking – but locals have reported that people should stay a couple of hundred feet away from him, due to his unique “aroma”.
So yeah, if you stop showering, you develop an “aroma”.
Good luck with that when living in a densely populated area!
He looks quite content. His sitting posture is relaxed, perhaps some slight discomfort in the right knee, and a straight back … looks quite relaxed to us. We would say he is free from the stress of an “exciting life” as anyone who lives day-to-day in search of excitement is never content, and what that kind of person finds exciting one day may not see it so the next and will go in search of something “new and exciting”.

To us, he looks quite content and at peace, and more than likely enjoys his alone(ness). As for the smell, We are willing to bet that he’s been smelling himself for so long that it doesn’t even register to his mind any longer that there is an aroma present.
I hope this picture discourages you all from not skipping your bath often.

So, take bath and hit like! 

Working for you,

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