Never give up!! Heart warming pictures! 

Incknowledge team salutes less ordinary humans that restores our faith in humanity.

Here we present exclusive pictures that went viral in the past few years and shows that humanity is free from religion, wars, discrimination among other factors.

Please read with patience,

What are some images that restore our faith in humanity?

Well it goes like this :

1.A brave policeman adjusts his prosthetic leg because duty is duty:

Here’s a man who has dedicated his life to protect and serve us despite the severe limitation he has. We salute you, sir!

2. The moment in which this Ohio athlete stopped to help an injured competitor across the finish line during a track meet.

3. Courageous Zanjeer did what most of us wouldn’t even dare to. He saved thousands of lives during the serial blasts in 1993 in Mumbai by detecting more than 3,329 kgs of the explosive RDX. He was buried with full honours in 2000. Super human in itself indeed.

4. A HERO search dog who sniffed through the toxic rubble at Ground Zero on September 11 was given a guard of honour before being put to sleep. Bretagne, 16, who was the last surviving rescue dog from the disaster(9/11), died at a Texas veterinary hospital on Monday (7th june, 2016)  when 3-year-old Guna fell into a 450-feet deep borewell while playing, locals along with fire and rescue personnel didn’t take long to get inside despite the danger to save the little kid. Such an inspiration!

5.While incidents about violence between Hindus and Muslims continue to be reported, this sight of a man dressed as Lord Hanuman blessing a Muslim man is heartwarming!

6. This picture of a firefighter administering oxygen to a cat rescued from a house fire.

7. Captain America star Chris Evans (R) and Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt (C) settled their Twitter Super Bowl bet with a visit to Seattle Children’s Hospital on March 7, 2015.

8.An Iraqi soldier carries a displaced woman to help her cross the bridge on May 19, 2015.

9.A demonstrator offers help to a riot police officer while speaking on the phone during an anti government rally on May 5, 2010.

10. This site of a schoolgirl sharing water with a couple shows that you don’t need money to be generous. All you need is a big heart!

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Thanks for reading, Salute to each and every organism of nature.

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