2 suns in sky ( Nature at it’s best )

The Miracle has happened today USA and CANADA saw two suns. 

This is called as Hunters Moon. 

Due to change of orbit the sun sets and moon rises at the same time with both being opposite to each other at a particular angle or degree moon reflects the sun so bright that it almost feels like another sun.
Effects stays for couple of days.

Weather centre head Olga Mokeeva said it was a type of extremely rare mirage caused by light being refracted after it entered the atmosphere.

She said: “Anything that distorts light as it passes through the atmosphere has the ability to cause a mirage, and in this case it was most likely to have been caused by the cold air creating tiny crystals of ice which have been known to give the impression that there is a second moon or a second sun.”
She said that typically they could be seen when the moon or the sun were at a particularly low point.
Light passing through air close to the ground contained more of the crystals, which increased the distortion effect.
Mind boggling phenomenon, isn’t it?
Thanks Mirror UK and Olga mokeeva for sharing this with us. Extremely thankful to them.

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