How people woke up on time, when there was no alarm? 

Well there were 2 methods that shows us that how intelligent our minds were and we are constantly evolving so far.

These 2 methods will send shivers in your spine too.

1. Waxy nail method – I would like to share something about the intelligence of people living before 15th century,where there were no modern and mechanical facilities.

Do you know how people used to wake up on time when world don’t even know the word “ALARM CLOCK”?

Prior to 15th century people used to place the candle above a metal plate and they create a makeshift alarm by inserting a nail into the candle at the desired interval. When the wax around the nail melts it would drop on to the metal plate below and make a noise.
Amazing isn’t it?

2. ) Eureka Stonefall method – 

METHOD: In the ancient time people used to hinge the mug at corner of bucket and they filled the mug with marbles and then they put the bucket under the tap and open the tap in a manner so that it allow only small droplet of water.They place the metal plate close to the bucket. so when the bucket filled with water,marbles started hitting to the metal plate and “Eureka” that’s how alarm clock invented.
This is shown by pictures step by step as above.

Amazing isn’t it?
Incknowledge thanks Eureka Backyard science, geographic channel, Mr. Amit kumar for their help with the matter.

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