Unseen Pictures

Here is a list of amazing pictures that otherwise cannot be viewed by naked eye.

The following 7 pictures showcases those amazing microscopic phenomenon happening around us.

  • Microscopic view of Table Salt Crystals :- 

Yes it is microscopic view of those Sodium chloride crystal having cubic strcuture ( fcc), Image is magnified by 1 million times.

  • That’s dew drops on Lady Beetle :- 

We all have seen this phenomenon but the magnified view completely changes our perception.

  • A hypo dermic Needle piercing human skin :- 

Do we need to explain this?

  • Here comes human Retina surrounded by capillaries..

Human retina is the part of our eye which helps in image production, here we can see blood capillaries surrounding the retinoid structure.

  •  A Bread Mould…. 
    It’s a type of micro fungus that commonly spoils our bread. The hyphae structure are clearly visible as green branches on polysaccharide carbohydrate mesh of bread.

  •  Water drop dancing :- 

A beautiful image captired by time lapse recording and super slow motion camera technology. The photo was sold for an estimated 1.2 million £ by a commercial firm.

  • Ant’s hard work and persistence : – 

Here an ant insect is magnified to a few thousand times and the picture speaks itself.

A sequel to this article will be put soon too.

Team Incknowledge thanks Anvi saini for providing this information


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