Access Computer By Android Device                        

How Can One Access Home/Personal Computer By Using Android Device? 
You can View, Access and fully control your home or office PC from your android phone/tablet.
like the below image!

Most software and IT professionals are very familiar with the concept of remote desktop which allows one computer to be accessed from another computer. However, few people know that a PC can be accessed via a smartphone.

For that, you need two things:

1. Chrome remote desktop app in your phone/tablet. which can be installed from google play store: Chrome Remote Desktop – Android Apps on Google Play
2. Google chrome browser in your PC. you need to add Chrome Remote Desktop extension in your PC’s chrome browser. which can be done from here: Chrome Remote Desktop

All the software required to set up this is developed by google and available in official places like Play store and chrome web store. So there is absolutely no chance of getting spyware and viruses. the below process is 100% secure and safe!
The configuration in your PC is a bit long process, but once you set up the remote desktop, it will be worth it.
To access your PC from your phone/tablet, just follow these instructions:
Step 1:- Open chrome in your PC and click the Apps button.

Step 2 :- The apps tray will open. Click on the Chrome remote desktop app.

Step 3 :- Sign in using your google account and allow all the permissions:

Step 4 :- You will get a Authorize window like this. Click continue.

Step 5 :- Click on this button. My computer → Get Started.

Step 6 :- Click “Enable remote connections”, It will ask you to install one last thing. which is Chrome remote desktop host. Install it.

Step 7 :- Once it is installed, you need to provide a 6 digit PIN of your choice.

Step 8 :- Finally you will get a message like this!:

And the configuration part is done!
To access your PC from your phone, now launch the Remote desktop app in your phone/tablet.
It will show your PC name.
Tapping on the PC name will ask for the 6 digit pin which you created in your PC. Type the pin and Click connect.

And Your PC screen will appear magically in your phone/tablet.
The below two screenshots are taken from my phone screen, not from my PC.

using MS paint from my phone. You can use normal two finger zoom to enlarge the live screen in your phone/tablet.

From now on, if someone in your family or friend is technically challenged and having problems with your computer while you are away, you can use this to help them troubleshoot the issue on the go!

“Team Incknowledge thanks Mr. Manas saha for providing this info, without whose help, this article could not have been possible. “

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