Did you know? 

Fact #1

  • Ever wondered why many landline phones and even some cellphones (with physical numpads) have a small bump on or around the key #5?

Ever wondered what is the purpose of that bump on number 5?

Answer – It’s primarily to help visually impaired persons find the center of the keypad and work their way around it.

Also seen on electronic equipments such as keyboard, calculator etc.

That bump can also be found on several other electronic devices like calculators and remote controls which isn’t specifically for visual impaired people but for people to navigate the buttons in dark situations. The same goes for the phones as well.

Same reason for physical keyboard as shown in figure below.

Central alphabets are lifted as to help type even in dark conditions.

Hope we increased your knowledge:)

Provided by :- Mr. Probuddha Nag.
Team Incknowledge thanks Mr. Probuddha Nag for providing this information.Mr.Probudha Nag is a Self employed web professional.

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