Full Guide to Cervical (Back and Neck) Pain

What is basically Cervical Pain?
Cervical pain is nothing but neck pain whose major cause is stress on neck bone due to
continuous wrong posture or bending of neck muscle, accidents, cervical one inflammation,
Also called as cervical spondolysis.


How it is caused?

  • Repeated bending posture of neck :-


Sometimes, due to continuous bending of our neck ( as shown in picture ) , the cartilages and
tendon nerves gets streched out due to which the matrix fluid comes out and causes severe pain
often chronic.
Regular exercise of this wrong posture leads to permanent damage.

  • Heavy weight / stress on shoulders :-


Are you the one who likes carrying heavy bags or purses on one shoulder? Then, it is the time  you should change your habit. Unequal pressures on shoulders cause the neck muscle come  under stress, thereby causing irreversible damage in most cases.

  • Wrong Sleeping Postures :-
    A common malpractice among individuals is that they use improper pillows or very uncomfortable pillows, all these practices, when done for long times, causes cervical pain.
  • Wrong posture while studying and using computers :-
    Students keep on continuously bending their neck while studying as shown in picture, and thus, the fact that more than 25% youngsters are suffering from cervical and other postural and back problems is not surprising.
    Youngsters too indulge in wrong postures while watching tv or using computers and thus are prone to cervicals.
  • Accidents :-

Again, accidents causes matrix to burst out of cartilages and hence swelling the
nerves, causing cervicals or other pains, often chronic.

  • My experience :- I had this very bad habit of keeping my head down always while studying or sleeping. Headaches, shoulder and neck pains, is what followed next.
    So, I followed the following practices, you can also follow these to prevent or get relief from cervical pain.

Things you can practice to keep cervical pain away (or if u already have cervical
than do these to great relief):-
Note :- These are applicable to all types of neck and shoulder pains, however point no. 1 should be done with caution as already damaged neck muscle should be handled with care.

  • Exercise :-


  • As simple as it looks, do exercise regularly. Simplest of all is – Rotate head, may cause little pain but reduces muscle stress. Do for 1-2 minutes. Stop and rotate – rotate to 1 direction, then hold neck their for few seconds and so on.

Thumb and chin anti forces – Very simple and efficient technique, Place your thumbs on chin as
shown in figure, Apply upward force with thumbs on chin, and on the same time, apply downward pressure.

  • While Sleeping, use soft pillows and minimum strain should be put on neck.


  • Try to keep your natural curve of backbone proper while using computer/mobile.
  • Don’t put too much weight on shoulders, for eg. Using school bag type bags rather than side bags.


This was our guide to cervical spondolysis in simple langauage.. Hope it helps.
Written by :- Raveena
Edited by :- increase your knowledge team.

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