latest Techs

The latest accessories and tech for making our lives better

Here are Some Latest Accesories and Tech that can make our daily lives Better and Stylish.

  • MICoach Smartball :-

This smart ball is a precise tracker for your game. It records speed, power, spin and trajectory on up to 2000 kicks per charge, so you can spend hours practising.

MIcoach smartball

MIcoach smartball


MIcoach smartball 2

MIcoach smartball 2

Price :- 13,290                                                                                                  Website :-


  •  Chromecast 2 :-





If you still haven’t got onto the smart TV bandwagon, Google is offering you another shot with chromecast 2, the device is a simple media streaming tool that plugs into our tv’s HDMI port and allows you cast videos and images from your phone as well as stream online content.

Price :- ₹2999


  • Prizm :-


The music player got a revolutionary change.  Prizm can pair with any speaker in your house ver aux, optical cable or Bluetooth and then sync with your preferred streaming account to play your favourite music automatically. It scans people around, time of day and other minute details and automatically gives you the chance to listen to music as per the situation.


Price :- ₹11,500                                                                                   Website :-


  • Atomic alarm clock with USB charging :-
Atomic alarm clock

Atomic alarm clock

This atomic alarm clock displays the time, day/date, temperature, humidity, and moon phases. The clock’s radio receiver synchronises with NIST-F1, the U.S.’s atomic clock for always-accurate time. Additionally, mobile devices can be connected to side USB port for overnight charging. Cost: 7000-9000

This device is helpful and is very solid but the lcd screen may be difficult to view from each angle.


Website :-


  • Cancer detecting pen :-
 Cancer detecting pen

Cancer detecting pen


Developed by a team from university of washington and several others, the handheld device uses dual-axis confocal microscopy which help in detection of cancer cells up to 0.5 mm below the surface of tissue.

This helps doctor to tell if a tumour is cancerous without the need of a biopsy.


These innovations are surely telling us that our future will be more comfortable and these new technologies will pave a way from existing methodologies and contribute by making our lives better.

But no technology can make us good human being.

Here by, we appeal our all friends to head towards this new world but also take along the pre-existing cultures and traditions, which exists due to a reason and not without one.

Thanks for reading. Happy technologing.


Piled up by :- Arsh Dixit

Edited by :- Increase your knowledge team ( Headed by :- Mohit Sharma)

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